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I sell on Ebay the most precious old linen sheets, the canvases that I don't have the heart to cut ... in short, the most beautiful unprocessed pieces. My old textiles are mostly French, they come from sales rooms, flea markets, garage sales of individuals. In addition to the trousseau of my great-grandmother Marie Rosalie Dietrich, linen maker in Paris, I have always bought old linen. Every day and in all weather!

A collection of old linen sheets

Over the years, my collection has grown with several hundred antique linen sheets, exceptional embroidered thread sheets, rustic and heavy linen and hemp sheets, monogrammed linen tea towels, embroidered damask napkins and tablecloths, mattresses, pieces of kelsch, quilts from Provence, cottons, stamped silks, nightgowns, work clothes, linen handkerchiefs, curtains… Textiles from the end of the 18th, 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. My treasure hunt never ends.

Rare unique pieces

When I look at an old linen sheet or lace footage, I immediately know what I'm going to be able to do with it, dresses for my rag dolls, rabbit comforters or linen bags. And if the room is majestic, hop on Ebay! Don't hesitate to check it out, you might find the antique sheet you've been looking for for a long time or a floral print you needed to make a pillow. I put old linen online every day, subscribe to the store to take advantage of these treasures as soon as they are put online. These textiles are obviously unique pieces that are becoming increasingly rare to find ...