once upon a time

In 1865 a young girl of seventeen, Marie Rosalie Dietrich, arrived from Alsace to work in a laundry in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. Her employers, who had no children of their own, became fond of her and made her their sole heir. The little laundress became “the man of the family,” working hard to expand the business. Over the course of her lifetime Marie Rosalie employed and maintained several entire families, as well as officiating as mistress of the linen rooms at the court of Emperor Napoléon III.

A century and a half later, in 2008, her great-granddaughter Marie-Pierre Guiard, a third-generation Parisian and a journalist, dreamed of country living and made compost in the flowerpots bordering her Montmartre windows… Recycling came naturally to her, she recycled everything that came her way, starting with the textiles that she had been picking out and collecting all her life. After a good ten years sniffing out the latest trends for fashion and design magazines, when her first child was born, Marie-Pierre caught up one of her great-grandmother’s fine linen sheets and, like magic, there was an adorable stuffed animal.

The idea of Les Toiles Blanches was born.