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pauline de nuremberg

Pauline is a big doll made of wood and paper that I found this weekend in a garage sale in the Berry. As soon as my eyes crossed her, my heart got carried away. Her blue glasses eyes were looking at me, I knew I could not let her go. I didn’t know by then her name was Pauline of Nuremberg, from the name of the town she was made by the german inventor of the automaton in the mid nineteen century. But she could have been called Ginette and have been made by the grocer from the neighbourhood  that I could not care less. I love my Pauline.

après avoir longtemps écrit sur les gens qui faisaient des choses, j'ai eu envie à mon tour de mettre les mains dans le cambouis. merci à Gaspard et Augustin de m'inspirer tous les jours et merci à mon arrière grand-mère de m'avoir transmis tant de merveilles.

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