new cushion’s covers

Some big hand-woven hemp from farms of Eastern Europe + applied placemat from grandmother = robust and delicate cushion at the same time. Franca cushion covers are unique pieces that decorate as well a sofa, a balcony or wooden floors, a terrace. I like the contrast of the raw material and the fineness of these small embroidered placemats made by our grandmothers whom one hide the primary use . Good thing we have no more TV set to put on these, isn’t it? They are for sale here and here. There are only a few pieces, each being a little similar, but all different. Don’t forget the “canvas” which has been finally fullfilled. Next week it will be the doll Bertille with a lot of new clothes that will be back on the shop… It is about time, right ? Have a nice week !

après avoir longtemps écrit sur les gens qui faisaient des choses, j'ai eu envie à mon tour de mettre les mains dans le cambouis. merci à Gaspard et Augustin de m'inspirer tous les jours et merci à mon arrière grand-mère de m'avoir transmis tant de merveilles.


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    j’ai essayé de commander mais je n’ai pas pu m’identifier n’y avoir accès au paiement,et n’ai pas pu vous contacter depuis le site.Cordialement Claude

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