thank you Milk magazine !

A big news plus a beautiful fashion page, thank you to the MILK magazine that has chosen two of our products in its latest issue ! I’m still not back down to earth since the magazine is out. It’s the anniversary edition of the magazine, so cool. I also want to thank the American photographer Winky Lewis. The picture published in MILK is her, as many pictures of the brand since last year. You can go for a ride on her website here, definitely worth a visit. As for the special issue of the MILK’s 10 years, one can eat it, as usual. See you soon !

après avoir longtemps écrit sur les gens qui faisaient des choses, j'ai eu envie à mon tour de mettre les mains dans le cambouis. merci à Gaspard et Augustin de m'inspirer tous les jours et merci à mon arrière grand-mère de m'avoir transmis tant de merveilles.

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