baby giraffe

Ginette is a funny hat born of a desire for something else. An hybrid between the flying helmet and the medieval helm that makes a nice little head. It is reversible as the beguin, still made from vintage fabrics, linen and red wool lined with black cold wool. It really fits the head and covers well the ears. You can find it on the site for sale here. Last thing until the end of February, it will appear in your shopping cart at 25% off.

picture : Winky Lewis

après avoir longtemps écrit sur les gens qui faisaient des choses, j'ai eu envie à mon tour de mettre les mains dans le cambouis. merci à Gaspard et Augustin de m'inspirer tous les jours et merci à mon arrière grand-mère de m'avoir transmis tant de merveilles.

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