some kitchen towels

The linen rubric has been filled with some new vintage cloths dyed in soft colors. Putty tea rose, almond, blue grey … These linen cloths have lived, but they will still have some years to spend in a kitchen thanks to their tight weave. Some have a pretty central monogram, others are embroidered discreetly in a corner, some have openworks, other are damasked, but all are big, ultra-resistant and well absorbent. Personally, I have only used these vintage towels for years, and can’t get enough of them. The more I wash them, the more beautiful they are. They are on sale here.

après avoir longtemps écrit sur les gens qui faisaient des choses, j'ai eu envie à mon tour de mettre les mains dans le cambouis. merci à Gaspard et Augustin de m'inspirer tous les jours et merci à mon arrière grand-mère de m'avoir transmis tant de merveilles.

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