the linen xmas ball

17th December 2013

It’s a little late to talk about it here, I know, but better late than nothing. I should probably have done some marketing studies, it would have helped me putting things online on time, or I should have not slept the last two months, it would have allowed me to do the right updates… But I studied journalism and I slept well thank you, so these Christmas balls come like a hair in the soup as we say in french. Too bad, here they are anyway. Please note that they can also entertain baby, hanging in his cradle, at a mobile, after having decorated the chrsitmas tree, or not. Helen comes in two colors, white or gray, each piece is one of a kind, hand-finished and sometimes, as you start to get used to, an original embroidery, an open work or a bit of a monogram, comes with it. Helen is on sale here and here.

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fall colours

26th November 2013

There’s no more leaves on the trees, it freezes, I have to find some interest in the fall, in its faded colors, its skies faded, this big chocolate craving to fill… I started to dye linens and went on hot mixes and soft tones for the next bunnies people are asking me. Asian clients want my powder pink, I made one very pale, but I also wanted to make something closer to nature with more colors extinct. I do not know if it’ll make something, but I experienced a lot of blends of pigments. And on this raw linen canvas, with reliefs and mendings, with its weaving so special, right away, it takes another dimension.

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22nd November 2013

Um, mattress ticking, the most utilitarian canvas that can be, with the tarp maybe. Whenever I see some, it plunges me into a state of intense excitement. And when it has lived like here and bears marks from its past, then it’s ecstasy. It becomes hard to find, but it is so beautiful. I kept one piece particularly amazing, all the others will end in bags. A good big bag, doubled and made from these pieces of canvas. With leather handles, yes sire, and not just any leather because it comes from a prestigious French maison. I can not tell you more, but I’ll show you one very quickly. This bag is to walk everywhere from the office to the beach through the market. It will be available early in the year and there will not be tons of them, as you can imagine.

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an amount of work

13th October 2013

It’s been a while since I have not said anything here, sorry, like everyone else, I run and like everyone else in the evening, I collapse telling me why but I’m so tired! Vivement Halloween, pumpkins cutting and aid kit nearby. I do not do my nails all day, the proofs on my site, go and have a look. The flea market section was filled, I’m glad that you like the “linen” section, it also will refuel with the success of dyed cloths. And in the “accessories” part, the classic itemsnow come in different fabrics. I’ll try to post an article to each product available online. I said I will try …!

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dunce cap

7th September 2013

©Winky Lewis

It’s school time ! Here is Gregoire, a real dunce cap to wear for fun, for disguise, playing bad student or to make one self a little animal head without much artifice. Gregoire is easy to put on, his ears can keep all straight or bend over to give a look of a sad puppy. Mid toy mid accessory, Gregoire is simple, but it is made in vintage linen and can be washed very hot as many times as necessary. Gregoire is on sale here.

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thank you Milk magazine !

3rd September 2013

A big news plus a beautiful fashion page, thank you to the MILK magazine that has chosen two of our products in its latest issue ! I’m still not back down to earth since the magazine is out. It’s the anniversary edition of the magazine, so cool. I also want to thank the American photographer Winky Lewis. The picture published in MILK is her, as many pictures of the brand since last year. You can go for a ride on her website here, definitely worth a visit. As for the special issue of the MILK’s 10 years, one can eat it, as usual. See you soon !

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new cushion’s covers

25th August 2013

Some big hand-woven hemp from farms of Eastern Europe + applied placemat from grandmother = robust and delicate cushion at the same time. Franca cushion covers are unique pieces that decorate as well a sofa, a balcony or wooden floors, a terrace. I like the contrast of the raw material and the fineness of these small embroidered placemats made by our grandmothers whom one hide the primary use . Good thing we have no more TV set to put on these, isn’t it? They are for sale here and here. There are only a few pieces, each being a little similar, but all different. Don’t forget the “canvas” which has been finally fullfilled. Next week it will be the doll Bertille with a lot of new clothes that will be back on the shop… It is about time, right ? Have a nice week !

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some kitchen towels

25th August 2013

The linen rubric has been filled with some new vintage cloths dyed in soft colors. Putty tea rose, almond, blue grey … These linen cloths have lived, but they will still have some years to spend in a kitchen thanks to their tight weave. Some have a pretty central monogram, others are embroidered discreetly in a corner, some have openworks, other are damasked, but all are big, ultra-resistant and well absorbent. Personally, I have only used these vintage towels for years, and can’t get enough of them. The more I wash them, the more beautiful they are. They are on sale here.

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Garance the flower

27th June 2013

It’s been a long time that I wanted a very simple accessory that allows multiple variations. Something that would be more like a non sophisticated jewel. Let me introduce you Garance, a long flower made in vintage linen that can be tied in many different ways. An accessory that is also a toy that stimulates the imagination. With Garance, everything is possible: you can wear in your hair, neck, in ponytails, a bracelet, necklace, belt … See for yourself. Garance is (finally) on sale here.

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17th May 2013

Just a quick picture of my beloved meadow to tell you that I’m back at work. A good big holiday week required to recharge the batteries, and after a happy cocktail of sun, rain and wind, I feel much better. Some of you think probably that I take too much time to upload new products, and they will be right. The launch of the new website was more than intense, plus a few small things to fix on the side of production, otherwise it would be too simple and super prototypes rather well managed to start up and voila, no more time to do anything else. I promise to take care of this new section to which I collect beautiful things. I also want to thank my last super interns who flew for new adventures and with whom I have worked hard this winter : thank you to Xiying, Stephanie and Patricia, I’llsoon  show you some pictures of them here. Good day!

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